Being Authentic, Not Perfect

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The quote we regularly grew up listening to in faculty is “Practice makes perfect”. We are all specific individuals with awesome potentials and abilties that need to be reputable and nourished in an individualized manner. So our quest isn’t always be ideal, as defined by using an external reference, however rather to be authentic to our actual Self. This is authentic not simply concerning how we look, however more importantly, how we experience and how we express our feelings and potential.

Yoga, in particular within the culture of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar, who evolved Viniyoga courses us to be proper. Yoga teaches us that despite the fact that we are neither inferior nor superior to others, we’re most certainly no longer homogeneous.

As people, we have outsourced our know-how sources to external references, by rejecting the natural know-how which lies in our coronary heart. We try to healthy into the illusions of perfection as defined with the aid of dependent thoughts. While shape in thoughts is vital to a positive diploma, it may grow to be risky whilst we deliver it too much strength and have an impact on. Yoga teaches us to attain out to the coronary heart and hyperlink with it so that we can certainly become a better model of ourselves.

The idea of perfection is created via the illusion of mastering. Does a banana tree pass to school to yield bananas? Does a tiger visit college to come to be a great tiger? Such understanding is inherent in the species and all they have to do is observe their intuition and authenticity. None of them want to emerge as another species. They merely follow their inherent knowledge to come to be the high-quality model of themselves.

It is crucial to remind ourselves that

• Perfection is an phantasm created via the thoughts

• Perfection does now not exist

• There is no one ideal, by no means has been and never could be.

Authenticity, however, is more affordable, natural and actual. We need to honor our authenticity and use yoga to help us end up the first-rate version of ourselves. This is the message of yoga.


The tremendous genius of the Yoga device is its super know-how of the human thoughts. The current world broadly regards Sigmund Freud as the first explorer of the human thoughts, however Patanjali, the founding father of Yoga gadget, beat him by using as a minimum 2,000 years.

Contrary to famous opinion, Yoga isn’t always a machine centered on stretching or contorting the human frame in countless combinations or levitating off the floor; neither is it a non secular sect which includes carrying orange robes and attempting on beds of thorns. Yoga is basically the first machine that uniquely makes a speciality of information the thoughts, its troubles and most importantly, its complete capability.

Just as a banana tree can’t yield papayas, nor a canine produce cats, humans too cannot be exceptional from their inner potentials that are already coded inside them.

When we grow, we look up to any individual and bear in mind them as our best. This feeling turns into greater excessive while we engage ourselves within the equal discipline. We want to end up like our perfect. We do now not recognize that each person is particular. You might be a failure while you need to copy somebody. You cannot become a duplicate of some other man or woman.

Some are born to be leaders, others supportive followers; some are extroverted, others introverted; some are short on their ft while wondering and making selections, others extra reflective. Only while you discover your authenticity and begin stepping into it, you becomes happier to your lifestyles.