Metabolic Fitness Program

Metabolic Fitness Program
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You may additionally have heard that a wide waistline can positioned you at chance for cardiovascular ailment. In reality, it’s one of the conditions that may cause metabolic syndrome. The exact information is you may notably decrease your hazard through lifestyle modifications. The Metabolic Fitness Program‘s multidisciplinary team of cardiovascular professionals is centered on assisting you opposite your metabolic syndrome through help, education, and comprehensive care.

About the University of Michigan Metabolic Fitness Program

Our program combines exercising, nutrition, strain control and techniques for conduct alternate in a supportive organization ecosystem to facilitate high-quality way of life modifications, which in turn reduces hazard. The 24-week application includes someday per week on the Metabolic Fitness Program for lectures, organization discussions and exercise, after which an exercising application that allows you to do for your personal. A 12-week option is also available. All of our sufferers inside the Program are granted full get right of entry to to our contemporary Preventive Cardiology Fitness Center, that’s supervised by means of our exercise physiologists.

U-M Metabolic Fitness Program Crew

  • Metabolic Fitness Program Team
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  • Physician referral required

Each session includes forty five mins of schooling and dialogue and forty five minutes of clinically-supervised exercising

Metabolic Fitness Program

Positive Outcomes

Within 3-6 months, a widespread range of our sufferers not have metabolic syndrome. But so as to hold yourself free of metabolic syndrome, you have to continue with the way of life adjustments. Our program is 24 weeks due to the fact the longer you hold with a application, the better the possibilities of turning exact choices into good behavior. In fact, 27 percentage of our members no longer have metabolic syndrome after six months within the software. However, if you do slip again into old behavior, you could come returned to this system to get again on target. We additionally provide a 12-week program alternative, and you can determine to maintain for a second 12 weeks on the stop of the primary 12 weeks. See our 2016 Results: Metabolic Fitness Program PDF for more records approximately application effects.

More Information

For more facts approximately the Metabolic Fitness Program, which includes details about value and insurance, FAQs: Metabolic Fitness Program web page. For more details about the way to get started out with the U-M Metabolic Fitness Program, see “Get Started with the U-M Metabolic Fitness Program” under.

Get Started with the U-M Metabolic Fitness Program
Provider submits Metabolic Fitness Program referral.

Nurse telephone assessment, strain test, organization workout orientation, and dietitian seek advice from appointments are scheduled:

. Nurse cellphone assessment, strain check, and exercise orientation appointments are mandatory; dietitian consult is a separate and no longer a obligatory appointment.
Patient completes 12-hour fasting blood draw. Nurse cellphone assessment can’t take vicinity till labs are within the medical file. Find out approximately Lab Locations and Hours.
Group exercise orientation is first Tuesday of the month and is mandatory. If affected person is not able to make this appointment other arrangements may be made.
First session is second Tuesday of each month and is mandatory. If this is neglected, patient entry can be not on time to following month.